MotherNature’s Trap House (a short story)

She asked him to meet her at the gate, not because she was unable to open it herself…but because she felt that a king should greet a queen at the gates of his home…

Her books were packed along with a change of clothes just incase she decided to stay the night. Although she pretended that she had no intentions on staying over his place her decision to pack the extra clothes spoke a truth otherwise. It was an hour drive of watching the golden mountains glaze between acres of crops, cows, and half hidden cities that peeked out behind evergreen trees…occasional creeks and trails that drifted off cliffs…along with her mind drifting somewhere between 50mph up hill and speeding 80mph in a 6% 7mile downgrade zone. All while humming to the new Jhene Aiko song “ascension” featuring Brandy and swerving down every curve around Mt.Ashland. Her destination…him…or some familiar feeling of being desired.


His humble place of abode was chained and gated keeping out wanderers that might maliciously stumble upon his family’s marijuana filled lot. His presence at the gate excited her. What lesson would she learn today from her mysterious lover and his shaman uncle…oh and their little (not so little) dog too. As they rode from the gate up the drive to the main house Dottie circled the van with excitement, wagging her tail and jumping up the side of the driver and passenger doors to get a closer look at her weekend visiting friend. After parking, Dottie was properly greeted by the driver with pats and “hello sweetie”.


The two lovers of refined yet of undefined status did their normal awkward hugs and greetings. She admittedly never knows whether to hug him or to wait for him to catch up mentally with her presence. Mary has him forever stoned…she knows her place as second best with Mary forever being presently his number one. He hugs her with his thin unkempt frame and her body instantly relaxed against his as they both inhale Mary’s lingering scent from his breath.

They walked in the house together and commenced their ritual of silence with less awkwardness as he passed her the Mary that was already dripping from his lips…

Joint #1

While he fiddled with cleaning and his morning chores she offered to help by dusting off the green fresh trims from the coffee table…no question in her mind about how he tended to his first chore of the morning…making sure he had enough weed prepped for the day…it was his priority before his normal functioning began. After gently handling his leftover coffee table mess she stepped outside to ground herself. Her mind always seemed to go numb being so close to Mt. Shasta. His family’s land resided on the back hills of Mother Earth’s first chakra. The root chakra…here is where she learns to trust herself and her journey.

He walks up behind her and hands her another joint, telling her to smoke it all at her own pace then he walks back into the it’s just her and Mary…

Joint #2

Mary has her in her zone now…high. She wanders between the house and the porch. He has reggae subliminally piercing subconscious messages of love and peace. She moves effortlessly rotating her hips awakening her root chakra…then moving with the breath of KA, performing a yoga sequence near the sacred sweat lounge on the land. The Shaman appears giving her greetings of delight and welcome as he lights his own joint attempting to moderate the lineage of a painful hangover. The cognac got him he says, only with an attempt to chase off the few beers he had with old friends the night before. She sympathized with retelling her own stories of her not so glorious battles with cognac. We are living out our own lessons, she agreed with the whispering voice in her head that told her not to judge a man by the challenges he has yet to conquer. She watched the old native Shaman struggle with an excuse to go back into town until he finally came up with one by midday…”to find car parts”…that kept him out all night and stumbling back in the next morn.


Joint #3 &4 found it’s way in somewhere between her lover finding her warmed root chakra and his vegan taco prep…she liked her pico spicy she said…

She found a spot on the couch out beyond the steps. She liked this felt like he brought the hood to the mountains. She watched him carelessly climb each step with two cups of hot green tea. She puffed on the last of joint number ….she lost count…took a sip of her tea and followed his gesture to follow him to the marijuana plot. She watched him transform into a scientist as he pulled out his microscope and approached each plant with their own greeting and attentive needs…

He approached her… she stood over 6ft tall but he stood a strong parallel to her frame. He wanted to see her intellect and smell her growth but she resisted…keeping her crown high and aligned with the sun…he pulled her seemingly fragile leaves toward him with such intention and gentility that it made her trust him as she gave in bowing to him…her scent faint yet present. He gazed into her flower and with the breath of fresh burned ashes he whispered to her “not yet”…

He handed over the microscope to his curiously envious lover proceeding her inquisition about his actions…he guided her eye on what too look for…clarity, green, and amber. He would know Mary best. He told her many times of how Mary was the only thing he knew consistently from his days being raised in the hood to his days on the block, in the pen and till the here-and-now. He knew how to sell her gram by gram and explained how he now knows the science of how to make her precious and valuable beyond measure. He nurtures her essence from her seed to her smoke. He is embodies her spirit and she reveals to him her true colors…

To Be Continued…




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Vibrational Shift

I am finally feeling confident enough to start vlogging more often. Like most people I judged my myself and was way to critical about my voice and speech impediments, which most think is just and accent so we will go with that from now on lol. I would like to be able to be more confident and clear when I am speaking to people. I love to educate and help others so I have to work through my own fears and perceived limitations in order to grow in my own personal values as well as become more willingly available to others.
Here I am discussing my recent vibrational shift which has caused me to step back from not only teaching yoga but practicing the way I used to. I also discussed my dietary changes and how I have prioritized my mental and physical health in my daily life.
I will be posting more video vlogs so stay tuned!
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Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

“I affirm that all negative energy from my past life cycles and genetic patterns be removed from my life from this moment on.” -JoyMaat August 21, 2017
Wow so not many people can deny the physical awesomeness of the solar eclipse phenomenon but some are remissed to the awesome spiritual power in the form of alignment and enlightenment that can be received during such an event. Today was the beginning to the end of a portal that was intensified in its opening during the lunar eclipse on August 7th, 2017. Many people transitioned during this time, one of significant human revolutionary status, Dick Gregory (Ase’). People of color across the globe have been the center of attention yet again in the planets history as victims of attack from less than loving beings (White racist). Only this time their hate is being exposed on a massive level through social media and other main stream media platforms.
The word eclipse derives from the ancient Greek word ekleipsis meaning “to abandon”. In ancient times…
“According to Babylonian scholars, eclipses could foretell the death of the king. The conditions for an omen to be considered as such were not simple. For instance, according to a famous astronomical work known by its initial words, “Enūma Anu Enlil” – “When (the gods) Anu and Enlil” – if Jupiter was visible during the eclipse, the king was safe. Lunar eclipses seem to have been of particular concern for the well-being and survival of the king.” (cited:
Today the consciousness of human beings has shifted and hate and destruction of Mother Earth and any of her inhabitants are now being exposed and justice is being sought for perpetrators. The universe has it’s own way of restoring the natural and peaceful balance once it has been interrupted, which includes purging all that is negative and counter productive to growth, restoration, and reproduction. The predictions of omens that were made in ancient times like the fore mentioned were spiritual translations of a shift in power and balance on the planet. We can affirm that now is the time for a shift of power on this where money, vile behavior, hate, destruction, and ignorance is removed and rules no more!
Today I received a powerful message from the universe as I received an obsidian from a co-worker that travels to mine crystals and gold…this obsidian approximately 30lbs was mined from Tule Lake where the the land was not only stolen from one of the Modac people and indigenous Native tribe in California but also the place where the Japanese were held internment camps during World War II. If you have been following my journey in the last several months you would no that I was first guided to various Native lands across the country where I would meditate and do rituals giving thankhs to the ancestors who fell and who are rising again. The message was very clear to me today when I received this obsidian that it is time!
Obsidian represents protection from negative energy and provides healing and restorative properties to more sensitive (empath) beings. Obsidians are glass derived from felsic lava from volcanic crystallization. Obsidian were used by ancient indigenous people as mirrors, scyring tools, and weapons.
Obsidian is also associated with:
The angel Ariel (overseer of nature, healing, magik, manifestation and clairvoyance);
The Kemet (Ancient Egytian) Goddess Sekhmet the daughter of the sun deity RA; she is the summoner of war of which she purges all that is unpure and she protects Ma’at the goddess of truth and justice whom holds the balance and natural order of the universe.
The Root Chakra, which is the function of our security, safety, survival. basic needs, physical identity, grounding and foundational support.
The element of fire (power, vigor, destruction, passion) and earth (persrverance, resistance, lack of conscientiousness)
The astrological signs of Sagittarius (Ideals), Scorpio (Passionate powerful), and Aries (courageous leaders)
The planets Pluto (spiritual power, death/rebirth), Saturn (karma)
The day of Samhain where spirits could easily cross over between the realm of the living in the dead
This message on this day can be received on an individual basis as well as for the whole. Take today to meditate, affirm, and live love, and productive, empathetic, supportive, and take a stand for the greater good of this planet. Live truth by having conversations about what is going on in this planet be it race, or land or is time that we protect the balance of this planet and allow mother nature to run her course.
Be Love & Live Truth
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Transcending Grief

Transcending Grief

A year ago today my dad Sonny passed… I received a phone call from my dad’s first cousin that my dad didn’t it make through surgery and was being kept alive by breathing machines… He asked if I wanted to FaceTime so that I could see my dad and say my goodbyes since I would not make it to Vegas in time and they were ready to take him off the breathing machines and let him go…

So as I watched a shell of my father laying in the hospital bed hooked to tubes, I didn’t say goodbye I just told him that I was ok, that I loved him and that he can rest now… I was his baby girl… I felt and swear I saw him nod and take one last deep breath…I hung up the video call and a gust of wind flew through my house from the open front door through the open back door…For the rest of that day until I flew out to Vegas from NC, black crows surrounded my house and yard.

“The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic.  The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions. Sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the trickster; be aware of deceiving appearances.  If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.” – Elena Harris

Since my dad’s transition I have been doing all of the things he loved himself and loved from me…traveling (in his van), taking hundreds of pictures everywhere I go (he was a photographer), writing this blog (he loved my writing and poetry), and art (he always thought I would be an artist). The beginning of this journey was prompted by the energy I received from his transition…the energy to go and live….

This month is also my birthday month so I decided not to turn this month into something sad due to my dad’s transition and to add that fathers day is in June too. I decided to celebrate every day doing something that brings me joy! You can track how I have been celebrating and join in on the IG challenge yourself to receive a love gift from me at the end of the month! #June30DaysofJoy


The Power of Nature

I am sure you have heard about the benefits of exercise to prevent and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression…well being in nature whether it’s to exercise, work, or relax is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Since I have been in Oregon I have been balancing work and play, while still adding in some exploration and travel. Every weekend my family and I have explored different lakes and mountains for crystals, succulents, and to just be in the mist of waterfalls!

I was explaining to my son Young Lion at one point where we reached the waterfall, that water has the power to burst through mountains, smooth over the roughest stones, provide nourishment for a whole ecosystem, and reflect the skies and the earth! He understood as he looked around in awe of it’s magnificence. Then I told him to listen and feel the energy of the water…the power… the emotion…the release!

I am reminded of how our tears can have that same effect on us and others. When we are grieving the loss can seem to leave a hole so gaping that nothing can seem to fill it…so we cry filling up the void and becoming so overwhelmed we feel as if we are drowning-OR- we don’t cry and can feel the tension of the damn of tears swelling up so painfully inside of us hoping that the pain distracts from the hurt of the loss… but once we allow the emotion to be felt and experienced we can use that energy to move through grief and beyond it…only when we have found a purpose to live on…


Every time something “bad” happens in my life the only way I can move forward is to find purpose in the “bad”. Some things are never resolved after the death of someone but how can we find ways to use that loss as energy to nourish something in our own lives?

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can be transformed from one form to the other…”

Different cultures have different rituals for the same process of transferring energy from the body or life of the “dead” person and guiding it to another form. In finding purpose through our grief we are simply transferring that seemingly negative loss into a positive motivating force and gain. I used my own dad’s transition to motivate me to travel, to further pursue my arts, and in my efforts to help people live healthy conscious lives.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.59.26 AM

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Energy is transferred it can never be destroyed

it simply transforms to fill up the void

to continue a lesson, a journey, a test, 

to explore a new experience

energy can only be at rest

it can take and it can give

it can be felt as though it lives

through a purpose and a life

that is willing to sacrifice

for the sake of all humanity

to transfer that energy 

with love and humility

for love is forever in abundance….

(In loving memory of my dad Sonny)


Be Love & Live Truth!


The Law of Detachment

The Law of Detachment

The Oracle told me that my life lesson in this incarnation is to detach from emotional conditioning. I have always experienced things in this life through emotional attachment. Born into the sign of Cancer, my personality was bent around immersing myself deeply into everything I do and everyone I engage in… it’s just how feel my way through the world around me. My family to this day joke about how much of an emotional child I was…tears was my way of communicating…clinging was my way of trying to hold on to each moment. No one really understood that I just felt every little thing… past, present. and right now…

“In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.” – Deepak Chopra


The Vision

This journey to travel to the vortexes was first defined by what I thought my experience would be at specific places. I thought that I would just travel to these predetermined vortex spots and instantly have these glorious visions and connections that I would later blog about and then move on to the next, later to return to my life as is…like it was just another tourist spot or vacation except with spiritual content. I always have these ideas to do something grand and then end up with a totally different experience…unsure of what step to take next. Well this journey has definitely shifted my perception about being attached anything especially to the people, places and things that we expect to be a part of that grand idea.

Have you ever had a vision for your life or some goal in your life? 

How do you always see it? 

You see yourself at your goal right?! Enjoying the benefits of it, like marriage….

We always see ourselves happily married, going on fun dates, raising a happy family, and of course we imagine the magical spontaneous sex with the love of our life everyday right?…and then we come out of that pleasant “day dream” using that same imaginative faculty to create every possible obstacle, scenario, and circumstance like being worried about finding a compatible mate, fertility issues, financial stress, infidelity etc.. That is the point where we start to sabotage everything that we just sent out to the universe to create. It is what we do as  humans…we worry about the details of shit that ain’t even happened yet! 

Attaching to expectations and preconceived ideas in people, places, and things in this life leads to self induced suffering, oppression of others, and it just completely ruins the spontaneity of the universe and the creative process of life.


My first Canoe ride on Squaw Lake with my bro on the paddles.

The Experience

Since I have been in Oregon, I have been thrown into a vortex of Self. All of a sudden my desires have changed. I have been confronted with the beauty and magnificence of the energy here. All of the previous ideas, commitments, and attachments just left me. I am now just faced with space and time to just do and be me … not work full time, or be a full time mother or entrepreneur or anything to anyone but just me. This is largely due to the fact that my family here lives like a real commune… we all help one another with the children and home, work together, go on adventures together, and live together. I am sure that this freedom was prompted by the action to drive all the way here with limited resources and a prayer for freedom… ok it took bit of depression and anxiety before I even realized that I was drowning in attachment and self-pity for what I left behind before I could appreciate all of this space and time to myself…I mean everything that I thought I wanted and every way in that I defined myself was gone…relationships, clients, even Mars our kitten went missing about a week ago…

It was all gone… blown away by the grace and beauty of Table Rock Mountain…

unraveled by the sacredness and calmness of Squaw Lake… the laughter of my nephews and my son at play gives me youthful energy… the chemistry and harmony of a new friend became my artistic inspiration..

I make no apologies for living the life I want to live on my own terms… giving up old commitments and ideas that no longer serve me.. and letting go of expectations and fears that sabotage my vision of freedom. I spend my days resting, exploring, going to yoga classes that I don’t teach, eating whatever I want, and vegging out on anime. After years of taking care of everything and everyone, compromising to fit others into my life, grinding to get a ahead or to be known, I just live… never holding on to a moment pass its due. For so long I have worked so hard because I thought that if I stopped grinding for just a moment or changed my commitments, the vision would all slip away and all would be lost.  My friends and family keep asking if I am going to stay here…well right now is not the time for me to make future decisions…but this place is definitely now one of my home bases.

I have done all that is in my will to manifest my vision. I have already done the work and positioned myself to be guided. So, I let the universe guide while I detach, create, and experience the details of what the universe has designed. 

Now I realize that the only way to experience the awesomeness of this life is to actively EXPERIENCE it! Experience life in its present form… right there… in the moment… right now…and once the experience is gone and it is time to hike back down the mountain…enjoy the hike down and the ride home… and leave tomorrow’s experience for tomorrow! 


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Big World, Little Bit, Big Van

Big World

Here we are, Sonny the van is repaired, repacked, with a full tank of gas all ready to hit the road again. This time we were going coast-to-coast…literally driving across the country from North Carolina to Oregon where my brother and his family lives….and I had $150 in my pocket and nervous as hell! I did not make as much money as I thought I would the week I was woScreenshot_2017-05-13-23-59-04-1rking at my home base in NC. I made just enough to take care of the van repairs and restock on food and necessities but I knew that if I kept waiting on money to flow in I would be stuck on the hamster wheel again waiting on the right moment to go. Plus I knew that the universe would take care of me if I just stepped out on what I know and trust that it would all work out aligned.

Before we left out, I attempted to assign Young Lion the task of mapping out our trip by locating vortexes and hippie communes in each state we were traveling through. After he couldn’t find any legit places he said to me, “Mom I just think we need to Google places when we make our stops and just let the universe guide us like when we went to Florida. Plus I can’t tell if some of these places are legit or even close enough to our route.” I was also coming to that conclusion but I wanted to make sure we at least had a planned route and could still experience the vortexes but I agreed that we just continue to “go with the flow”. I knew that this journey was not just about getting to our ultimate destination but that it was more about the journey. So we paced the drive to spread out the money that trickled in and made our first camp stop in Indiana’s Indian-Hoosier National Park right before sundown.


Little Bit

The next day the love donation that we received from a friend for our travels had not been deposited into my account as I expected…thus led another moment where I felt maybe this trip was a bad idea…Thoughts of inadequacy concerning my artwork and all of my efforts to gain supporters and earn funds started creeping in. Sadness swept over me so quickly I could barely appreciate our sunrise hike through the trail at Indian-Hoosier National Park. The hike did help of course… it is amazing what fresh brisk air, sacred ground, and a little walking meditation can do for the emotional body. Post hike Young Lion and I decided to use the rest of the gas we had that day to drive about 25 miles north toward a town called French Lick. I seen the sign for French Lick the day prior while driving toward camp and figured that it sounded interesting enough.

As soon as we pulled into French Lick it felt as if we were sucked into a time portal. The small town entrance was an old late 1800’s palace styled hotel resoIMG_20170504_091629_015rt. The town was founded by travelers that had discovered the sulfur springs in the area and made big business out of selling the water (see @secrethypeman23 for more history details). Pluto water it was called, named after the Roman God of the underworld. “Stumbling” upon this town was a major sign for me that in fact I was once again being guided by my ancestors….

In astrology Pluto rules the subconscious realities and can bring to the surface any hidden destructive patterns.

This was a push from the universe for me to deal with the lingering conditioning that causes me to self-sabotage and lose momentum and faith in what I know and believe in…

  • my passion art
  • my purpose health & wellness education and advocacy
  • and my vision to enrich the lives of others all over the world…

Sometimes we can feel like our dreams are too big for the realities of this world. The universe can remind us in subtle and non subtle details that even though we are little bitty beings in form, our energy can be transformative in a big way… 


Affirmation and photo by me @professorjoymaat

Big Van

We spent the day exploring the town and spent night in the French Lick casino parking lot, which was way more peaceful than the parking lot at Miccosukee in Florida (read previous blog). I could not receive any cellular service within the city limits, which I took as another cue to just really unplug and tune in to my ancestors guidance. We ended up receiving a couple more love gifts from friends and supporters the next day, and was able to continue forward on our route toward Oregon.

The entire drive to Oregon from North Carolina was a total of 42 hours but the trip actually took us 6 days with all of the money delays. The last two days were interesting… I finally had enough money in to complete the trip but because I only drove about 1 or two fill ups a day = about 6 to 8 hours of driving up until that point, that left us with 21 hours to drive in two days to get to Oregon because my brother’s youngest child was having his first birthday party… So although we tried not to have a deadline to reach our destination, I did really want to be present for my nephews first birthday. Part of the reason for this particular trip was to bond with my nephews whom since birth have grown up without my full presence do to our living distance.

So here I am crunching time to get to Oregon by my nephews birthday party. That meant us driving through back mountain roads in the middle of the night in the rain… and no gas or rest stops for 100 miles each point. I always said I would NEVER drive through the mountains of the west coast…I heard about those cliff hanging roads…and sure enough that’s what I found myself doing. I drove Sonny up and down those glorious winding roads through Utah into Nevada then again through Oregon. The feeling I had when I saw the moonlight reflect over raging rivers over the mountain cliff and the foliage covered stone wall on the other side of me was like I was watching the earth being created… it was beautifully chaotic… a heart pumping, life changing thrill.

Moving from the east coast to the west coast is definitely the change in pace I needed. The culture here is very laid back, natural, and everyone works-to-live not live-to-work, which allows for a good work and play life balance. For me the mobility of being able to travel and explore to see new things and visit new places has caused a shift… a wave of peace and awe. Everyday is different, the people are different, the energy and culture is different. This coast-to-coast trip has reassured me of the the way the universe maintains a natural flow and balance that is constantly creating, destroying, and changing. I have fallen in love with every moment!



Give thankhs to everyone that continues to support this journey. I am looking forward to sharing more of this journey through different social media platforms like Patreon. I will soon have a link available where you can receive scenic pictures, postcards, crystals, yoga videos, as well as health and wellness consults on a monthly subscription basis.

I have heard many philanthropist and spiritual gurus state that there is one thing we as humans all have in common and that is the need to feel supported and validated! So thank you for seeing the value in what I do!

Peace, Be Love & Live Truth


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To Florida and right back

To Florida and Back

I have been back in Greensboro from traveling through Florida for over a week now. I returned a little earlier than I expected and stayed a little longer than expected thanks to Mercury retrograde or truthfully how I have responded during this retrograde. When I began this trip to travel the vortexes I knew that there might be some travel delays and communications challenges due to the timeliness of me beginning travel a week before Mercury retrograde station occurs.

Mercury retrograde is when Mercury travels backward into its own shadow. Since communication ( e.g. clear intentions and problem solving) and travel are ruled by Mercury, these things are often affected during this planetary alignment…

This week returning back to my home base in Greensboro has truly been third eye opening. I have not sat still since I have been back. My daily ritual of sleeping in nature and even consistently connecting with nature has been interrupted due to up-and-down weather and my busy-body task that put everything but me and mother nature first. Even the thought of writing this blog was overwhelming…needless to say that I was back on the hamster wheel. Working and networking, trying to have a social life, and trying to make ends meet. This is not Florida not in the sense of the actual land but in a sense of the state of being…

Everyone goes to Florida for vacation, to get away, to run to the warm womb of the beach. Although my trip was not supposed to be a vacation but a start of a new lifestyle on the road…I found myself doing the same…running to the comfort of the ocean and peacefulness and solitude of the forest….


Taken on the trail of Mike Roess State Park, FL

There were no obligations there just the cleansing salt water that washed away everyone’s everything but the importance of now and the breeze through the trees that carried little carbons of life. Thus there was no worry, or anxiety or feelings of obligation. All I had to do was meditate, eat, and do what I love to do (write, create, explore).

What I learned about living on the road so far…

We only had one vortex in mind when we decided to start with Florida. The rest of the time I just expected to be guided by my ancestors on where to flow…Mercury retrograde or not… well I am pretty sure that I was guided to the places we visited but Mercury retrograde also quickly let me know that I still should have clearly planned my travels. Here is what I have learned in the 3 weeks about living this unconventional on-the-road lifestyle…

  1. Campgrounds cost and need reservations….

So I didn’t calculate the cost of camp stay into my budget because I didn’t realize that campgrounds charged a general fee of $15-30 per night. Which isn’t bad but when you are expecting to free up from rent and so forth it can be a slap in the face. It can literally end up costing the same as rent if you stay at fee-based campgrounds everyday. After researching I did find that there are campsites that you do not have to pay a daily fee (BLM campsites are usually free or discounted for long-term-living permits). The issue for me with BLM campsites is that they are usually primitive, which means no flush toilet (out house only if there is one) and no showers. Now I am all for connecting with mother Earth but I am way too queenly to go days without using a proper toilet and shower! But I will add BLM’s to my stay rotations just to keep the cost-of-living down.

Young Lion and I met my sister and her family at one of the BLM sites in Indiantown, Florida about 45 minutes outside of West Palm Beach. I had a very interesting vision one rise during meditation by the lake there…During this meditation I had set my intentions on receiving inner and ancestral guidance for where the spiritual vortexes are and what message or lesson I am learning. It was then that I saw a vision of a native ancestor…an old masculine face appeared to me with the typical feathered headdress, wise ancient eyes, with an emotionless expression. At that time I just shrugged off the vision figuring that my subconscious was just responding to the fact that I was in a place called Indiantown…….more to tell on that later

2. Walmart parking lots and some casino parking lots are free to park but…

They are not very quiet…defeats the purpose of connecting in nature. I have discovered in retrospect that although I do still want to upgrade from Sonny our van to a camper…I will still always pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere whenever I can. The camper is for the convenience of some luxuries like a toilet and shower and the tent is for staying connected to nature and the best sleep ever. 

How we discovered that casino parking lots are not comfortable was a pretty interesting story… We drove into Miami after 3pm on a Friday during the end of spring break so after making several phone calls to nearby sites, most reservation call lines were closed and the campsites booked. Unsure of where to go and trying my best to avoid booking a hotel (which would have been impossible or expensive due to spring break) I googled free camping and found a Miccosukee Casino and Resort that allowed free parking in their lot. Of course we had to take the opportunity to explore the resort a bit. We found beautiful pictures of individuals from the native tribe Miccousukee (Seminole nation).


Miccousukee Tribe

It was here that I started to recollect my vision of the Native ancestor in Indiantown. This also prompted my first homeschool lesson (on the road) for my son to research the history of the places where we visited (you can read his lessons on his IG post @secrethypeman23).

After we did our exploring inside the casino/resort and received the free parking permit, I parked a few lanes up from the back of the lot where there were already several campers and big rigs parked. As soon as the after work hours of 6pm hit, I realized that I should have parked to the far back of the lot when people started packing the lot in droves. All night until 4am we heard car alarms, drunken and angry yelling (I assume for loosing), people getting sick from drinking too much or again possibly loosing their money. Not a comfortable night especially when it was further complicated by me not having mastered the idea of becoming a minimalist exhibited by my overcrowded van… which leads to my last point

3. There is definitely a such thing as over packing…

Ok so I don’t necessarily need 3 suitcases of clothes on the road. I packed all of my cute and comfy clothes with the shoes to match thinking I had to be ready for anything but completely wasn’t prepared for the first few nights of a mid 40º temperature drop while in Jacksonville. Nor the hungry mosquitos in the Everglades near Miami. I just thought “Florida” …so that meant bringing everything cute with less material as possible… well I literally wore only like 4 outfits interchanging and had to borrow my son’s sweats and long sleeves (some how he packed appropriately and had room in his suitcase for my extras). Plus it didn’t take long to discover the science of weight distribution, trying to haul that weight in my trunk at first. I am happy to say that I actually got our clothes down to one bag for the both of us to share and I also got rid of most of the shoes….hey I still need those “just incase I go somewhere” outfits.

Reflect, Review, Restore…

Florida was a beautiful experience! We followed the ancestors trail and began to understand that we were standing not on U.S. soil but on land that predated the constitution….and people that were already present with a system of their own before it was taken by force from European settlers. The Natives that survived were given resorts to manage and land to farm not for themselves but from the same government that stole their land from them. I could sense the patient presence of the many long passed that wait for their stories to be told…for the truth to be experienced. Travel is not free, the fruits of the land are not free unless you farm for yourself, even to live on the land is not free. How can this be so?? How can we monetarily charge for everything that mother Earth gave us for free? I think because this is not the original system of this land. preview

Why should we need a vacation or an escape from the “realities” of day-to-day life? Shouldn’t our reality be a life worthy in itself free from the charge of others? I understand now more than ever the reason for a system of trade and barter…it aligns with the natural order of reciprocity. Where is the reciprocity in charging for the experience of mother nature or the right to travel Earth (referring to tags and registration and toll roads etc).

We learned the story of Ed Leedskalnin who spent decades building a monument to his lost love and a place where he could heal from sickness and a broken heart. Coral Castle is a beautiful manmade vortex. Ed constructed Coral Castle in alignment with the planets, polar directions, and elements by only using tools he made. He himself charged for entry of his park as does his successors. Which in this case I can understand because he by himself made the monuments…not to say that I don’t understand or appreciate the upkeep of some of the national and state parks...but how can we restore some of the cultural values of this Native land and our alignment with our presence on Earth so that the choice to live on the road like our ancestors that voyaged and migrated does not cause the restriction of others?

-Professor JoyMaat

Peace, Be Love & Live Truth

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Featured Item: Affirmation picture/postcard taken at Mike Roess State Park, FL