So, I have always wanted to start a blog and now I am doing it. Before I had no idea what I would blog about, I mean there is so much stuff that races around in this Mercury ruled mind of mine but I could never narrow down a subject matter that would be interesting enough to blab on about to the point where I felt like people might care to read on a regular basis. So here I am about to head off on another one of my random but well thought out journeys and I figured now this just might be blog-able.

Growing up my dad who from now on I will refer to as daddy Fullilove (to identify one of my two father figure’s daddy Fullilove is my step-dad but you will never hear me refer to him that way) -always would respond to my many questions about “why” things had to be the way they were with “Joy just go along with the flow”. I used to hate when he said that only because I never really got the answer to any of my questions answered and it was his loving way in shutting me up. I always had to know why and know the plan 20 steps ahead. I questioned everything about life. In the same breath I had an unwavering faith in God and the universe. Religion always suited me I mean God and natural laws like the “thou shall not kill” just made sense to me without real explanation. But when it came to choosing a career or friends or any of that normal stuff… I just wanted to know why I had to do things the way everyone else did. I loved the idea of traveling so I joined the military. I despised “authority” so I did my 4 years and got the hell out. I went to school because it sounded ambitious enough, graduated, worked in the field for a few years and decided 9 to 5’s just aren’t for me. I moved away from my family for a second time and told them I just wanted to be an artist, homeschool my son, travel and do yoga. For the last 2 and 1/2 years I created my lifestyle around just that, art, homeschooling, and yoga amongst other things like my spiritual arts and counseling. Yoga and meditation helped me find something more suitable than religion. Although my spiritual practice is very ritualistic, it’s my practice, based on natural law and ancient Egyptian knowledge. I have found myself in a consistent state of peace, going along with the ebb-and-flow of life. Although the last couple of years have been very challenging, I finally feel like I no longer have to fit in a box and question why things keep disrupting my flow…I simply go with the flow…with the paddle of direction of course (meditation and guidance from the ancestors).

After rediscovering my true nature of peace with an artistic flair, I feel that urge to shift again. Unlike the ancient Egyptians, I started packing, and getting rid of my household things so that I can travel light (I know that material comforts is more of a burden than it is a treasure). Getting rid of the the rent bill and utilities so that I can travel without that extra unnecessary expense. At the beginning of the year I posted on Facebook that I wanted to travel to mother Earth’s chakras. Well the vortex spots are calling me. Vortexes are spiritual centers where ancient guardians can be felt and sometimes seen. These guardians protect Earth’s portals or energy centers. I understand this most when I traveled to vortexes like Mt.Pilot in NC. There is something so definite about the energy present…like you can feel the mountain breath, the wind whisper, and the rain cleanse and calm your soul. After meditating there¬†was like I received a huge information download and I never rested so complete before. Nature is addictive. So, no this travel isn’t about visiting tourist spots, shopping, and eating out. It’s about connecting. Re-connecting with Mother Earth and my divine Self. Ever since my father’s transition (now referring to Sonny my biological father)- I have felt the pull to travel to these places. My father worked hard his entire life, he traveled a bit too but he never got to enjoy his life to the fullest with freedom because soon after his retirement he fell fatally ill and passed on. Both Sonny and daddy Fullilove worked so hard toward a freedom that I feel can be gained just by living. I never felt it natural to stay in one place, buy a house I would be in debt to for the rest of my life, work the same damn job every day, and have occasional friend dates with the same 4 people every weekend. I feel like Moana in the Disney movie when she screamed “We were voyagers!” Ancient stories show us how we traveled! Moors traveled the world, educating, collecting information, and sharing with others. Ancient Natives and Mayans have stories of traveling beyond worlds…Not saying I can do all of that but I just know going from a work box, to a home box or school box until it’s time for this body to go in a box in the ground is not living for me. Living for me is experiencing the beauty and interconnectedness of this realm and planet. So that’s what this journey is about! So if you want to read about my travels and see the pictures of my awesome experiences then this is a blog you want to keep in your favorites! I also plan to have some memorabilia available on my online store throughout so I will keep you posted….stay tuned in!