To Florida and Back

I have been back in Greensboro from traveling through Florida for over a week now. I returned a little earlier than I expected and stayed a little longer than expected thanks to Mercury retrograde or truthfully how I have responded during this retrograde. When I began this trip to travel the vortexes I knew that there might be some travel delays and communications challenges due to the timeliness of me beginning travel a week before Mercury retrograde station occurs.

Mercury retrograde is when Mercury travels backward into its own shadow. Since communication ( e.g. clear intentions and problem solving) and travel are ruled by Mercury, these things are often affected during this planetary alignment…

This week returning back to my home base in Greensboro has truly been third eye opening. I have not sat still since I have been back. My daily ritual of sleeping in nature and even consistently connecting with nature has been interrupted due to up-and-down weather and my busy-body task that put everything but me and mother nature first. Even the thought of writing this blog was overwhelming…needless to say that I was back on the hamster wheel. Working and networking, trying to have a social life, and trying to make ends meet. This is not Florida not in the sense of the actual land but in a sense of the state of being…

Everyone goes to Florida for vacation, to get away, to run to the warm womb of the beach. Although my trip was not supposed to be a vacation but a start of a new lifestyle on the road…I found myself doing the same…running to the comfort of the ocean and peacefulness and solitude of the forest….


Taken on the trail of Mike Roess State Park, FL

There were no obligations there just the cleansing salt water that washed away everyone’s everything but the importance of now and the breeze through the trees that carried little carbons of life. Thus there was no worry, or anxiety or feelings of obligation. All I had to do was meditate, eat, and do what I love to do (write, create, explore).

What I learned about living on the road so far…

We only had one vortex in mind when we decided to start with Florida. The rest of the time I just expected to be guided by my ancestors on where to flow…Mercury retrograde or not… well I am pretty sure that I was guided to the places we visited but Mercury retrograde also quickly let me know that I still should have clearly planned my travels. Here is what I have learned in the 3 weeks about living this unconventional on-the-road lifestyle…

  1. Campgrounds cost and need reservations….

So I didn’t calculate the cost of camp stay into my budget because I didn’t realize that campgrounds charged a general fee of $15-30 per night. Which isn’t bad but when you are expecting to free up from rent and so forth it can be a slap in the face. It can literally end up costing the same as rent if you stay at fee-based campgrounds everyday. After researching I did find that there are campsites that you do not have to pay a daily fee (BLM campsites are usually free or discounted for long-term-living permits). The issue for me with BLM campsites is that they are usually primitive, which means no flush toilet (out house only if there is one) and no showers. Now I am all for connecting with mother Earth but I am way too queenly to go days without using a proper toilet and shower! But I will add BLM’s to my stay rotations just to keep the cost-of-living down.

Young Lion and I met my sister and her family at one of the BLM sites in Indiantown, Florida about 45 minutes outside of West Palm Beach. I had a very interesting vision one rise during meditation by the lake there…During this meditation I had set my intentions on receiving inner and ancestral guidance for where the spiritual vortexes are and what message or lesson I am learning. It was then that I saw a vision of a native ancestor…an old masculine face appeared to me with the typical feathered headdress, wise ancient eyes, with an emotionless expression. At that time I just shrugged off the vision figuring that my subconscious was just responding to the fact that I was in a place called Indiantown…….more to tell on that later

2. Walmart parking lots and some casino parking lots are free to park but…

They are not very quiet…defeats the purpose of connecting in nature. I have discovered in retrospect that although I do still want to upgrade from Sonny our van to a camper…I will still always pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere whenever I can. The camper is for the convenience of some luxuries like a toilet and shower and the tent is for staying connected to nature and the best sleep ever. 

How we discovered that casino parking lots are not comfortable was a pretty interesting story… We drove into Miami after 3pm on a Friday during the end of spring break so after making several phone calls to nearby sites, most reservation call lines were closed and the campsites booked. Unsure of where to go and trying my best to avoid booking a hotel (which would have been impossible or expensive due to spring break) I googled free camping and found a Miccosukee Casino and Resort that allowed free parking in their lot. Of course we had to take the opportunity to explore the resort a bit. We found beautiful pictures of individuals from the native tribe Miccousukee (Seminole nation).


Miccousukee Tribe

It was here that I started to recollect my vision of the Native ancestor in Indiantown. This also prompted my first homeschool lesson (on the road) for my son to research the history of the places where we visited (you can read his lessons on his IG post @secrethypeman23).

After we did our exploring inside the casino/resort and received the free parking permit, I parked a few lanes up from the back of the lot where there were already several campers and big rigs parked. As soon as the after work hours of 6pm hit, I realized that I should have parked to the far back of the lot when people started packing the lot in droves. All night until 4am we heard car alarms, drunken and angry yelling (I assume for loosing), people getting sick from drinking too much or again possibly loosing their money. Not a comfortable night especially when it was further complicated by me not having mastered the idea of becoming a minimalist exhibited by my overcrowded van… which leads to my last point

3. There is definitely a such thing as over packing…

Ok so I don’t necessarily need 3 suitcases of clothes on the road. I packed all of my cute and comfy clothes with the shoes to match thinking I had to be ready for anything but completely wasn’t prepared for the first few nights of a mid 40º temperature drop while in Jacksonville. Nor the hungry mosquitos in the Everglades near Miami. I just thought “Florida” …so that meant bringing everything cute with less material as possible… well I literally wore only like 4 outfits interchanging and had to borrow my son’s sweats and long sleeves (some how he packed appropriately and had room in his suitcase for my extras). Plus it didn’t take long to discover the science of weight distribution, trying to haul that weight in my trunk at first. I am happy to say that I actually got our clothes down to one bag for the both of us to share and I also got rid of most of the shoes….hey I still need those “just incase I go somewhere” outfits.

Reflect, Review, Restore…

Florida was a beautiful experience! We followed the ancestors trail and began to understand that we were standing not on U.S. soil but on land that predated the constitution….and people that were already present with a system of their own before it was taken by force from European settlers. The Natives that survived were given resorts to manage and land to farm not for themselves but from the same government that stole their land from them. I could sense the patient presence of the many long passed that wait for their stories to be told…for the truth to be experienced. Travel is not free, the fruits of the land are not free unless you farm for yourself, even to live on the land is not free. How can this be so?? How can we monetarily charge for everything that mother Earth gave us for free? I think because this is not the original system of this land. preview

Why should we need a vacation or an escape from the “realities” of day-to-day life? Shouldn’t our reality be a life worthy in itself free from the charge of others? I understand now more than ever the reason for a system of trade and barter…it aligns with the natural order of reciprocity. Where is the reciprocity in charging for the experience of mother nature or the right to travel Earth (referring to tags and registration and toll roads etc).

We learned the story of Ed Leedskalnin who spent decades building a monument to his lost love and a place where he could heal from sickness and a broken heart. Coral Castle is a beautiful manmade vortex. Ed constructed Coral Castle in alignment with the planets, polar directions, and elements by only using tools he made. He himself charged for entry of his park as does his successors. Which in this case I can understand because he by himself made the monuments…not to say that I don’t understand or appreciate the upkeep of some of the national and state parks...but how can we restore some of the cultural values of this Native land and our alignment with our presence on Earth so that the choice to live on the road like our ancestors that voyaged and migrated does not cause the restriction of others?

-Professor JoyMaat

Peace, Be Love & Live Truth

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Featured Item: Affirmation picture/postcard taken at Mike Roess State Park, FL