Big World

Here we are, Sonny the van is repaired, repacked, with a full tank of gas all ready to hit the road again. This time we were going coast-to-coast…literally driving across the country from North Carolina to Oregon where my brother and his family lives….and I had $150 in my pocket and nervous as hell! I did not make as much money as I thought I would the week I was woScreenshot_2017-05-13-23-59-04-1rking at my home base in NC. I made just enough to take care of the van repairs and restock on food and necessities but I knew that if I kept waiting on money to flow in I would be stuck on the hamster wheel again waiting on the right moment to go. Plus I knew that the universe would take care of me if I just stepped out on what I know and trust that it would all work out aligned.

Before we left out, I attempted to assign Young Lion the task of mapping out our trip by locating vortexes and hippie communes in each state we were traveling through. After he couldn’t find any legit places he said to me, “Mom I just think we need to Google places when we make our stops and just let the universe guide us like when we went to Florida. Plus I can’t tell if some of these places are legit or even close enough to our route.” I was also coming to that conclusion but I wanted to make sure we at least had a planned route and could still experience the vortexes but I agreed that we just continue to “go with the flow”. I knew that this journey was not just about getting to our ultimate destination but that it was more about the journey. So we paced the drive to spread out the money that trickled in and made our first camp stop in Indiana’s Indian-Hoosier National Park right before sundown.


Little Bit

The next day the love donation that we received from a friend for our travels had not been deposited into my account as I expected…thus led another moment where I felt maybe this trip was a bad idea…Thoughts of inadequacy concerning my artwork and all of my efforts to gain supporters and earn funds started creeping in. Sadness swept over me so quickly I could barely appreciate our sunrise hike through the trail at Indian-Hoosier National Park. The hike did help of course… it is amazing what fresh brisk air, sacred ground, and a little walking meditation can do for the emotional body. Post hike Young Lion and I decided to use the rest of the gas we had that day to drive about 25 miles north toward a town called French Lick. I seen the sign for French Lick the day prior while driving toward camp and figured that it sounded interesting enough.

As soon as we pulled into French Lick it felt as if we were sucked into a time portal. The small town entrance was an old late 1800’s palace styled hotel resoIMG_20170504_091629_015rt. The town was founded by travelers that had discovered the sulfur springs in the area and made big business out of selling the water (see @secrethypeman23 for more history details). Pluto water it was called, named after the Roman God of the underworld. “Stumbling” upon this town was a major sign for me that in fact I was once again being guided by my ancestors….

In astrology Pluto rules the subconscious realities and can bring to the surface any hidden destructive patterns.

This was a push from the universe for me to deal with the lingering conditioning that causes me to self-sabotage and lose momentum and faith in what I know and believe in…

  • my passion art
  • my purpose health & wellness education and advocacy
  • and my vision to enrich the lives of others all over the world…

Sometimes we can feel like our dreams are too big for the realities of this world. The universe can remind us in subtle and non subtle details that even though we are little bitty beings in form, our energy can be transformative in a big way… 


Affirmation and photo by me @professorjoymaat

Big Van

We spent the day exploring the town and spent night in the French Lick casino parking lot, which was way more peaceful than the parking lot at Miccosukee in Florida (read previous blog). I could not receive any cellular service within the city limits, which I took as another cue to just really unplug and tune in to my ancestors guidance. We ended up receiving a couple more love gifts from friends and supporters the next day, and was able to continue forward on our route toward Oregon.

The entire drive to Oregon from North Carolina was a total of 42 hours but the trip actually took us 6 days with all of the money delays. The last two days were interesting… I finally had enough money in to complete the trip but because I only drove about 1 or two fill ups a day = about 6 to 8 hours of driving up until that point, that left us with 21 hours to drive in two days to get to Oregon because my brother’s youngest child was having his first birthday party… So although we tried not to have a deadline to reach our destination, I did really want to be present for my nephews first birthday. Part of the reason for this particular trip was to bond with my nephews whom since birth have grown up without my full presence do to our living distance.

So here I am crunching time to get to Oregon by my nephews birthday party. That meant us driving through back mountain roads in the middle of the night in the rain… and no gas or rest stops for 100 miles each point. I always said I would NEVER drive through the mountains of the west coast…I heard about those cliff hanging roads…and sure enough that’s what I found myself doing. I drove Sonny up and down those glorious winding roads through Utah into Nevada then again through Oregon. The feeling I had when I saw the moonlight reflect over raging rivers over the mountain cliff and the foliage covered stone wall on the other side of me was like I was watching the earth being created… it was beautifully chaotic… a heart pumping, life changing thrill.

Moving from the east coast to the west coast is definitely the change in pace I needed. The culture here is very laid back, natural, and everyone works-to-live not live-to-work, which allows for a good work and play life balance. For me the mobility of being able to travel and explore to see new things and visit new places has caused a shift… a wave of peace and awe. Everyday is different, the people are different, the energy and culture is different. This coast-to-coast trip has reassured me of the the way the universe maintains a natural flow and balance that is constantly creating, destroying, and changing. I have fallen in love with every moment!



Give thankhs to everyone that continues to support this journey. I am looking forward to sharing more of this journey through different social media platforms like Patreon. I will soon have a link available where you can receive scenic pictures, postcards, crystals, yoga videos, as well as health and wellness consults on a monthly subscription basis.

I have heard many philanthropist and spiritual gurus state that there is one thing we as humans all have in common and that is the need to feel supported and validated! So thank you for seeing the value in what I do!

Peace, Be Love & Live Truth


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