The Law of Detachment

The Oracle told me that my life lesson in this incarnation is to detach from emotional conditioning. I have always experienced things in this life through emotional attachment. Born into the sign of Cancer, my personality was bent around immersing myself deeply into everything I do and everyone I engage in… it’s just how feel my way through the world around me. My family to this day joke about how much of an emotional child I was…tears was my way of communicating…clinging was my way of trying to hold on to each moment. No one really understood that I just felt every little thing… past, present. and right now…

“In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.” – Deepak Chopra


The Vision

This journey to travel to the vortexes was first defined by what I thought my experience would be at specific places. I thought that I would just travel to these predetermined vortex spots and instantly have these glorious visions and connections that I would later blog about and then move on to the next, later to return to my life as is…like it was just another tourist spot or vacation except with spiritual content. I always have these ideas to do something grand and then end up with a totally different experience…unsure of what step to take next. Well this journey has definitely shifted my perception about being attached anything especially to the people, places and things that we expect to be a part of that grand idea.

Have you ever had a vision for your life or some goal in your life? 

How do you always see it? 

You see yourself at your goal right?! Enjoying the benefits of it, like marriage….

We always see ourselves happily married, going on fun dates, raising a happy family, and of course we imagine the magical spontaneous sex with the love of our life everyday right?…and then we come out of that pleasant “day dream” using that same imaginative faculty to create every possible obstacle, scenario, and circumstance like being worried about finding a compatible mate, fertility issues, financial stress, infidelity etc.. That is the point where we start to sabotage everything that we just sent out to the universe to create. It is what we do as  humans…we worry about the details of shit that ain’t even happened yet! 

Attaching to expectations and preconceived ideas in people, places, and things in this life leads to self induced suffering, oppression of others, and it just completely ruins the spontaneity of the universe and the creative process of life.


My first Canoe ride on Squaw Lake with my bro on the paddles.

The Experience

Since I have been in Oregon, I have been thrown into a vortex of Self. All of a sudden my desires have changed. I have been confronted with the beauty and magnificence of the energy here. All of the previous ideas, commitments, and attachments just left me. I am now just faced with space and time to just do and be me … not work full time, or be a full time mother or entrepreneur or anything to anyone but just me. This is largely due to the fact that my family here lives like a real commune… we all help one another with the children and home, work together, go on adventures together, and live together. I am sure that this freedom was prompted by the action to drive all the way here with limited resources and a prayer for freedom… ok it took bit of depression and anxiety before I even realized that I was drowning in attachment and self-pity for what I left behind before I could appreciate all of this space and time to myself…I mean everything that I thought I wanted and every way in that I defined myself was gone…relationships, clients, even Mars our kitten went missing about a week ago…

It was all gone… blown away by the grace and beauty of Table Rock Mountain…

unraveled by the sacredness and calmness of Squaw Lake… the laughter of my nephews and my son at play gives me youthful energy… the chemistry and harmony of a new friend became my artistic inspiration..

I make no apologies for living the life I want to live on my own terms… giving up old commitments and ideas that no longer serve me.. and letting go of expectations and fears that sabotage my vision of freedom. I spend my days resting, exploring, going to yoga classes that I don’t teach, eating whatever I want, and vegging out on anime. After years of taking care of everything and everyone, compromising to fit others into my life, grinding to get a ahead or to be known, I just live… never holding on to a moment pass its due. For so long I have worked so hard because I thought that if I stopped grinding for just a moment or changed my commitments, the vision would all slip away and all would be lost.  My friends and family keep asking if I am going to stay here…well right now is not the time for me to make future decisions…but this place is definitely now one of my home bases.

I have done all that is in my will to manifest my vision. I have already done the work and positioned myself to be guided. So, I let the universe guide while I detach, create, and experience the details of what the universe has designed. 

Now I realize that the only way to experience the awesomeness of this life is to actively EXPERIENCE it! Experience life in its present form… right there… in the moment… right now…and once the experience is gone and it is time to hike back down the mountain…enjoy the hike down and the ride home… and leave tomorrow’s experience for tomorrow! 


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