“I affirm that all negative energy from my past life cycles and genetic patterns be removed from my life from this moment on.” -JoyMaat August 21, 2017
Wow so not many people can deny the physical awesomeness of the solar eclipse phenomenon but some are remissed to the awesome spiritual power in the form of alignment and enlightenment that can be received during such an event. Today was the beginning to the end of a portal that was intensified in its opening during the lunar eclipse on August 7th, 2017. Many people transitioned during this time, one of significant human revolutionary status, Dick Gregory (Ase’). People of color across the globe have been the center of attention yet again in the planets history as victims of attack from less than loving beings (White racist). Only this time their hate is being exposed on a massive level through social media and other main stream media platforms.
The word eclipse derives from the ancient Greek word ekleipsis meaning “to abandon”. In ancient times…
“According to Babylonian scholars, eclipses could foretell the death of the king. The conditions for an omen to be considered as such were not simple. For instance, according to a famous astronomical work known by its initial words, “Enūma Anu Enlil” – “When (the gods) Anu and Enlil” – if Jupiter was visible during the eclipse, the king was safe. Lunar eclipses seem to have been of particular concern for the well-being and survival of the king.” (cited: space.com)
Today the consciousness of human beings has shifted and hate and destruction of Mother Earth and any of her inhabitants are now being exposed and justice is being sought for perpetrators. The universe has it’s own way of restoring the natural and peaceful balance once it has been interrupted, which includes purging all that is negative and counter productive to growth, restoration, and reproduction. The predictions of omens that were made in ancient times like the fore mentioned were spiritual translations of a shift in power and balance on the planet. We can affirm that now is the time for a shift of power on this planet..one where money, vile behavior, hate, destruction, and ignorance is removed and rules no more!
Today I received a powerful message from the universe as I received an obsidian from a co-worker that travels to mine crystals and gold…this obsidian approximately 30lbs was mined from Tule Lake where the the land was not only stolen from one of the Modac people and indigenous Native tribe in California but also the place where the Japanese were held internment camps during World War II. If you have been following my journey in the last several months you would no that I was first guided to various Native lands across the country where I would meditate and do rituals giving thankhs to the ancestors who fell and who are rising again. The message was very clear to me today when I received this obsidian that it is time!
Obsidian represents protection from negative energy and provides healing and restorative properties to more sensitive (empath) beings. Obsidians are glass derived from felsic lava from volcanic crystallization. Obsidian were used by ancient indigenous people as mirrors, scyring tools, and weapons.
Obsidian is also associated with:
The angel Ariel (overseer of nature, healing, magik, manifestation and clairvoyance);
The Kemet (Ancient Egytian) Goddess Sekhmet the daughter of the sun deity RA; she is the summoner of war of which she purges all that is unpure and she protects Ma’at the goddess of truth and justice whom holds the balance and natural order of the universe.
The Root Chakra, which is the function of our security, safety, survival. basic needs, physical identity, grounding and foundational support.
The element of fire (power, vigor, destruction, passion) and earth (persrverance, resistance, lack of conscientiousness)
The astrological signs of Sagittarius (Ideals), Scorpio (Passionate powerful), and Aries (courageous leaders)
The planets Pluto (spiritual power, death/rebirth), Saturn (karma)
The day of Samhain where spirits could easily cross over between the realm of the living in the dead
This message on this day can be received on an individual basis as well as for the whole. Take today to meditate, affirm, and live love, and positivity..be productive, empathetic, supportive, and take a stand for the greater good of this planet. Live truth by having conversations about what is going on in this planet be it race, or land or animals..it is time that we protect the balance of this planet and allow mother nature to run her course.
Be Love & Live Truth
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