Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.19.08 PM“Kemetic Arts is a term that explains the use of ancient Egyptian spiritual sciences to express one’s Self consciously through daily life, which is art.” -JoyMaat AusarAmen

Through my initiation into the Kemetic Sciences I have learned the value our ancient ancestors place on knowledge of Self, care for the Earth, upholding the natural laws of the universe, and discovering and developing one’s own earthly journey through the ascension of the spiritual alchemic process. After discovering my purpose and destiny for this incarnation I have altered my lifestyle to include my family, career, interest, and spiritual practices in everything I do. Now I am traveling with what I have learned to share with others through this blo and to add to my experience and journey.

There are 3 parts to KemeticArts24 business
1) @professorjoymaat – health & wellness educator & holistic practitioner
2) @kemeticarts24 – wearable and visual art for conscious living
3) @ausarshekarituals – spiritual readings and ritual products

Please follow all on IG to support. My contact link is in menu to call for details about my services. To donate or shop products and services click on my online site at mkt.com/kemeticarts24